Soy milk pudding

What is Tofu pudding?

Tofu pudding is a sweet, creamy dessert, sometimes served plain, sometimes with fruit flavours such as mango, and sometimes as an ingredient in a sundae or a bubble tea, or with toppings such as sago (tapioca balls). What is it actually? Sweetened soy milk, that’s been steamed so it sets into a jelly, just like a leche flan or dairy…

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Pork chop bun

What is a Pork Chop Bun?

A Pork Chop Bun is literally a pork chop, in a bun or bread roll. What is it actually? A bread roll, usually either a normal bread roll or a chinese variant such as a Pineapple Bun, containing a grilled pork chop. Some vendors may offer sauces or cheese or other toppings like grilled onions. We recommend putting toppings when…

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What is a Pineapple Bun?

What is it actually? A bread roll, with a sweet, crusty yellow topping. There is no filling, and no pineapple, though sometimes it may be used to make sandwiches in the place of a more normal bread roll. The sweetness of the topping often makes it a poor substitute however. What does it taste like? It’s a bread roll, ever…

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trick to get cheapest flights

Airlines don’t want you to know this trick to get the cheapest flight prices

Here’s a legitimate hack for getting the best flight prices online that really works. Using this method, we got a round trip from London, to Beijing, to Tokyo, back to Beijing and back to London, over the course of a month, for less than £490 per person. The same flights booked directly on the airline’s website, were quoted at £1900! In…

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