Fussy Eater’s Guide to Chinese Food

For fussy or picky eaters, foreign travel can be a nightmare of anxiety attack inducing proportions. The bewildering array of funny names, funny utensils, and strange looking creatures can be overwhelming, especially if you need to appear composed at an important business dinner or are travelling with fussy young children.

Here at Urban Travel Guide, we understand those feelings all too well, but as experienced travellers we’ve come to learn that food around the world is not as different as you might expect so we’ve put together a series of guides to help you navigate your way through the restaurants, street food and supermarkets of the world.

We understand that key for fussy eaters is knowing in advance what they are putting in their mouths before they put it, so in our guides you’ll find out exactly what goes into these dishes, and what familiar foods from home they are really just variations of.

This guide is about the food of China. China is a huge country with a huge population, with numerous local cuisines. This guide will focus on Chinese dishes from the Beijing, Shanghai and Szechuan (also spelled Sichuan) areas. Classic Chinese takeaway food in the west is usually derived from Cantonese food (as that’s where the founders of Chinatowns in London, Singapore and San Francisco often came from). See our Hong Kong Food Guide for more guides to Cantonese food.

Truly vegetarian options can be limited, as meat broths and stocks are still used even when Tofu is used instead of meat. Read our guides below to become familiar with and find something you can enjoy no matter how fussy you or your kids are!

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