Hidden Gem: Atariya sushi shop and fishmonger in London

While most of London’s Japanese supermarkets and restaurants can be found in the central Piccadilly area in close proximity to the Japanese embassy, there’s a smaller suburban enclave where many Japanese families settle in west London, about 20 to 30 minutes ride westbound on the Central Line from Oxford Circus, at West Acton. Turn left out of the Tube station there and immediately you’ll find both Yoyo Kitchen and Atariya.

While the former serves ready to eat food and snacks, Atariya is both a fresh fishmonger, selling fresh made sushi and sashimi, as well as yakitori (grilled chicken shish kebab), karaage (deep fried chicken) as well as a small supermarket stocking some hard to find items you may be missing if you have spent any time living in Japan, that even Japan Centre doesn’t stock. Don’t be put off by the high prices, all Japanese groceries are expensive even in Japan, let alone once the cost of importing them is factored in as well.