Our Team

Meet our team! UrbanTravelGuide.com is:

John Armstrong – John is the traveller’s travelling digital nomad. He’s rugged, handsome, has been to every country on earth and somehow makes a living just from writing short blog articles yet is travelling continuously living out of hotels and regularly flying, almost as if he was some made up person and not real like he is. He is real. Definitely real.

Lauren Pseudonym – Lauren is our token Aussie. All travel blogs have to have an Aussie. Like all Aussies, Lauren carries a rucksack weighing twice her body weight everywhere she goes, including when working in bars to pay for her never ending working holiday. So far Lauren has done south east asia, India, most of South America, substantial parts of the USA and much of Europe where she is currently based.

Inga (not her real name) – works as an air stewardess cabin crew for a major airline (all views published here are hers and not those of her employer) and so she is usually spending just a few days at a time in a city and really knows how to get around quickly and efficiently, how to travel light, and where all the hidden gems are.