mega muffin

McDonald’s review: Mega Muffin from Japan

Available for a limited time, Japanese branches of McDonald’s currently offer the Mega Muffin – a stacked McMuffin featuring two sausage patties, egg, cheese and a slice of bacon. Warning for McMuffin fans though – the Mega Muffin features copious dollops of ketchup, which may come as a nasty surprise for those of you who prefer your McMuffin in a…

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G Shock BabyG watches

Where to buy G Shock and BabyG watches in Singapore

Shopping in Singapore can be a bit hit or miss. Many items can be found a lot cheaper in cities like London or Hong Kong. But if you know where to look there are definitely bargains to be had on certain kinds of items (but not cameras. NEVER BUY A CAMERA IN SINGAPORE!). One such item is G Shock and…

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Visual Identification Guide to Japanese drinks

If you’ve travelled in Japan you’ll surely have encountered the embarrassing moment where you dive into a glass of Coke only to find yourself swigging extra strong iced coffee. Fortunately you don’t need to read the language to be able to figure out what’s what (most of the time), with the help of our handy visual identification guide.

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melon soda ice cream float

McDonald’s review: Melon Ice Cream Soda Float from Japan

If it’s green and fizzy in Japan, then it’s not lime flavour, it’s Melon soda. Specifically if you’re at a McDonald’s then it’s a Fanta Melon soda. McDonald’s throughout Asia have long offered ice cream float options on their Coke and fruit flavour sodas (known as McFloats in Philippines and Singapore, and occasionally in the USA), where a big squirt…

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McDonald’s review: Cheese Katsu Burger from Japan

McDonald’s McChicken Sandwiches already come with a slice of cheese as standard and their teriyaki burger standard menu item is basically a McMuffin sausage patty dipped in teriyaki sauce – but now and for a limited time you can also get a different kind of pork burger. A popular special from the 90s has just been relaunched at McDonald’s restaurants…

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McDonalds Chicken Pretzel Soft Roll

McDonald’s review: Chicken Pretzel Soft Roll from China

This is the Chicken Pretzel Soft Roll currently available in McDonald’s throughout mainland China. We don’t think it’s a short term special item, but on the other hand McDonald’s menus in this part of the world can change quite frequently. The roll consists of two chicken pretzels – basically extra large chicken McNuggets – in a soft sub roll, with…

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atariya london west acton

Hidden Gem: Atariya sushi shop and fishmonger in London

While most of London’s Japanese supermarkets and restaurants can be found in the central Piccadilly area in close proximity to the Japanese embassy, there’s a smaller suburban enclave where many Japanese families settle in west London, about 20 to 30 minutes ride westbound on the Central Line from Oxford Circus, at West Acton. Turn left out of the Tube station there…

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yoyo kitchen japanese restaurant

Hidden Gem: Yoyo Kitchen Japanese restaurant and takeaway in London

Owner Yoichi Iguchi (known as Yoyo) has worked for over 20 years as a chef. Born in Tokyo, he initially trained at the prestigious Ginza Asta, before moving to London in 1995. Working in Japanese restaurants including Mayfair’s Nobu, he made sushi for stars including Madonna, Robert de Niro and Kylie Minogue, and since 1999 has been the main fish…

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mcdonalds chicken pretzel soft roll ingredients

How to ask for the bill in Japan

This is sort of a trick question – at all but the most upmarket or westernised restaurants in Japan, you won’t have to ask for the bill, because it will be kept on your table and updated by the waiting staff as your meal progresses, and you then take it to the cashier counter as you leave to pay, rather…

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Kitkat flavours in London

While Japan may be famous for their exotic varieties of KitKats, visitors to the UK can also enjoy a range of flavours, albeit more traditional ones, some available year round, and some as short term promotions. Flavours of KitKat found in the UK include at various times white chocolate, orange, mint, peanut butter, cookies and cream, cookie dough, toffee and…

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