Soy milk pudding

What is Tofu pudding?

Tofu pudding is a sweet, creamy dessert, sometimes served plain, sometimes with fruit flavours such as mango, and sometimes as an ingredient in a sundae or a bubble tea, or with toppings such as sago (tapioca balls). What is it actually? Sweetened soy milk, that’s been steamed so it sets into a jelly, just like a leche flan or dairy…

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Pork chop bun

What is a Pork Chop Bun?

A Pork Chop Bun is literally a pork chop, in a bun or bread roll. What is it actually? A bread roll, usually either a normal bread roll or a chinese variant such as a Pineapple Bun, containing a grilled pork chop. Some vendors may offer sauces or cheese or other toppings like grilled onions. We recommend putting toppings when…

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What is a Melon Pan?

A Melon Pan is a kind of Japanese bread roll. What is it actually? A bread roll, with a sweet, crusty yellow topping. There is no filling, unless you put one there yourself. What does it taste like? It’s a bread roll, ever so slightly sweet due to the crusty topping giving it a cake-y taste. To be honest, if…

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What is a Pineapple Bun?

What is it actually? A bread roll, with a sweet, crusty yellow topping. There is no filling, and no pineapple, though sometimes it may be used to make sandwiches in the place of a more normal bread roll. The sweetness of the topping often makes it a poor substitute however. What does it taste like? It’s a bread roll, ever…

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Western celebrities denigrate themselves in Japanese TV commercials

If you’re familiar with the plot of the film Lost in Translation you’ll remember Bill Murray’s character Bob, an out of favour Hollywood actor approaching retirement, is in Japan to film a whiskey commercial, to earn a fee big enough to pay for some home refurbishments and a nestbed for his retirement. The inspiration for this is that it’s actually incredibly…

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japanese cafe london katsute 100 in Islington

Hidden Gem: Katsute 100 in Islington, London

Newly opened o-chaya (tea house) Katsute 100 in Islington, at the Camden Passage on Islington High Street just north of Angel tube station, brings something new to London’s otherwise saturated selection of cafes – a wide range of Japanese teas including yuzu teas, sakura (cherry blossom) teas and many others, to be enjoyed by the pot together with a selection of Japanese…

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Why do Japanese people say moshi moshi when answering the phone?

If you’ve come here after seeing the explanation in the Teen Wolf TV series where one character explains TO the Japanese character (who somehow does not already know, despite being Japanese), that ‘moshi‘ means ‘hello‘ and that by saying it twice you can be sure that whoever is on the other is not a were-creature of some sort, because such creatures have…

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What’s on the menu at Krispy Kremes in the UK in 2017?

It’s not so long ago that the only place you could get Krispy Kreme donuts (or doughnuts, if you’re British) in the UK was Harrods department store. Fortunately they’re now readily available in supermarkets like Tesco and in various cafes and concessions in railways stations like Paddington and malls like Westfield London. So what’s on the menu in 2017 at…

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trick to get cheapest flights

Airlines don’t want you to know this trick to get the cheapest flight prices

Here’s a legitimate hack for getting the best flight prices online that really works. Using this method, we got a round trip from London, to Beijing, to Tokyo, back to Beijing and back to London, over the course of a month, for less than £490 per person. The same flights booked directly on the airline’s website, were quoted at £1900! In…

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Why are take out and eat in prices different in London?

If you’re eating in coffee shops, cafes or takeouts in the UK, sometimes you will see two prices listed, one for eat in and one for takeaway. The reason for this is that in theory the level of sales tax, or VAT, applied should be different (lower) for takeout food compared to food eaten on the premises. It’s nothing to…

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