How to get a job in Japan as an expat

If you’ve been to Japan and fallen in love with the place, you may be thinking, “how can I stay here longer, for six months, a year, or even longer?”.

Japan isn’t the easiest country to emigrate to. The immigrant population is tiny relative to other countries like the US, Australia, UK or Germany, and there is not a shortage of high skilled professionals. Unemployment is also high among under 30’s so there is no shortage of degree educated people willing to take on more menial jobs.

It’s also not the easiest country to work in, between the hierarchical and bureaucratic business culture and it’s long hours, the high cost of living, and the fact that Japanese, not English like in many asian countries, is the language of business, requiring fluency.

But there are opportunities, including those suitable for those looking for a working holiday. The most popular of which being a fixed length english teaching engagement, probably the most popular way to spend a year in Japan with plenty of time for exploring and learning while still working. It’s probably also the best way to become fluent in Japanese yourself, which will make it easier to get a longer term job, assuming you can get a visa.

Here are links to english teaching schemes:

As well as links to recruitment websites and recruitment agents who specialise in jobs for english speaking expats in Japan.

Finally, iOS developer and IT system administrator Pietro Zuco writes about his experience finding a job in IT and moving to Japan for several years at his blog.