Make your own McDonald’s Melon Ice Cream Soda at home

This is a McDonald’s melon ice cream soda from Japan. Common throughout Asia, McDonald’s offer a Coke variant as well, while in other regions like Singapore, you can get a ‘McFizz’ ice cream soda, made with Sprite mixed with fruit cordial to provide other flavours. In the case of Japan, it’s a Fanta Melon soda, melon being a popular soda taste here, but not in other countries so much. American customers might know this as a “McFloat”. We reviewed the genuine article recently.

melon soda ice cream float

It’s with great regret that McDonald’s restaurants in Europe don’t offer such a refreshing and cooling snack, so we’ve got a couple of suggestions as to how to make your own.

Option 1 involves going to your nearest McDonald’s – simply buy an ice cream cone, and a soda of your choice (obviously melon flavour isn’t available, but Coke and other drinks are – but note that diet drinks and citrus flavour drinks don’t really work as they can cause the ice cream to curdle), and then transfer about half of the ice cream cone contents into your soda cup. BUT make sure to bring a spoon with you, as you’ll need that to gracefully transfer the ice cream into your soda, and you’ll need it for eating the ice cream too.

We also advice asking your server to put a reduced amount of ice in your drink, to make space for the ice cream, but keep some to keep the drink cool so the ice cream doesn’t melt too quickly.

Option 2 you can do at home – buy a bottle of melon soda or two from your nearest Japanese import grocery store, such as London’s Japan Centre.

Fanta melon isn’t widely available even in import grocery stores, but other brands are. They tend not to be quite so luminous green as Fanta (that’s probably a good thing!). Take a regular local brand vanilla ice cream (admittedly McDonald’s peculiarly creamy ice cream isn’t readily available at home but regular ice cream tastes the same), and just as before, pour your drink, add a little ice and a straw, and using a spoon or even a melon-baller, transfer a sphere of ice cream into your drink.

In either case, use a combination of straw and spoon (you did bring a spoon right?) to eat/drink your ice cream soda!

Of course, you can always combine these methods – buy your melon soda from a Japanese import grocery store, and then take it into your McDonalds to get an ice cream. In this case you’ll need to bring a big enough cup with you too! Don’t forget! And try other flavours like cherryade or pineapple crush as well.